Agora Vai com Nath Finanças

Mercado Pago wanted to establish itself as the financial education bank. Both for users and sellers. But always for a digital native audience.

This is how the first financial education talk show on the web was born, with Nath Finance and special guests transforming TV shows into digital content that generated a lot of talkability and engagement.
︎My role:
Concept, idea, scripts, and all the digital and social stuff.


We created an unprecedented talkshow format native to YouTube, where each frame of the program would be split into content for all other networks (Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Reels and even Stories).

If the puzzle was too confusing, we went there and put it together.

Youtube Episodes


It also ended up in the metaverse:


Want some numbers?

What people thought about it?

Ag: Gut São Paulo
ECD: Bruno Brux
ACDs: Gabriela Marcatto e Pedro Rosas
ADs: Fill Almeira e Beatriz Santos
CW: Gheisa Lessa