Mercado Pago BBB

Mercado Pago needed to gain awareness and consideration by saying that it is the digital bank that is alongside Mercado Livre.

But how to do this during the BBB season, and with only Mercado Livre being the official sponsor of the program?

Calling those who understand everything about being together inside and outside the house, and, mainly, the timeless memes that only BBB has.
︎My role:
Concept, scripts, social and digital share.


We activate the Mutirão (that's how we cheer for someone in the brazilian Big Brother)
with simple and 100% social mechanics: every time Mercado Livre appeared on TV,
Mercado Pago launched prizes for anyone who used #TamoJunto on Twitter.

In each round, a BBB meme was recreated by our duo.


People loved.

Gut São Paulo 
CCO: Bruno Brux
ECD: Murilo Melo
DCs: Juliana Utsch e Sofia Calvit
DA: Fill Almeida
CW: Gheisa Lessa